Route generation predictive self-learning application that provides anyone with personalized adventure. It is AI personal assistant that learns from user’s implicit behaviour, analyzes explicit user’s actions and integrates that data into common patterns, adjusted by individual habits and predilections. The service allows everybody to collect and share their experiences and content (both texts and images) thus contributing to Big Data automatic gathering while a user is having “those beautiful moments.”

Our objective is to build worldwide route knowledge base with user-friendly highly targeted intelligent approach using crowd-sourced big data in real time. All this may be achieved exclusively by advanced AI (ML) techniques and their combinations under the hood, e.g.:

  • — geospatial analytics for route analysis and generation
  • — NLP (natural language and query processing)
  • — behavioral and psychometric analysis (clustering and personalization) for personalization
  • — social network analysis (SNA) with graph theory and clustering
  • — neural networks for automatic image recognition and users' photos annotation
  • — pattern recognition, time series processing for user's activities analysis